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Natural Health Factors of Demidkovo Health Spa Resort

- Iodine-bromine mineral water of high salinity (used as baths, applications, and irrigations)
- Silt sulphide mud of Suksun Pond
- Unique high-salinity mud of Saki Lake (superior to that of the Dead Sea)
- Salubrious air of the pine forest

Our Mission

To restore and improve the health of our guests using drug-free noninvasive methods of natural healing
To prevent the emergence and aggravation of serious diseases of our guests
To boost up the body self-regulation and self-improvement mechanisms
To enable our guests to make the best use of their body potential.
To shift our patients from a neglectful attitude towards own health to a deliberate decision on a healthier way of living

Indications for Treatment at Demidkovo

Lifestyle diseases (such as stress, physical and emotional exhaustion, premature aging, chronic fatigue, overweight, and allergies)
Diseases of the digestive organs (stomach, intestines, liver, biliary tract and pancreas)
Metabolic disorder
Circulatory diseases
Respiratory diseases
Nervous system diseases
Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
Diseases of the genitourinary system, and sexual dysfunction
Occupational diseases
Skin disorders
Normal pregnancy up to the 24th week

Resort Signature Treatments:

Yury M. Levin Endoecological Rehabilitation and Treatment Program
Family vacations with infants and toddlers, treatment programs for children aged 4 years and over
Treatment in a specialized genitourinary and sexual disorders room
A unique opportunity to combine health resort treatment with rehabilitation and aesthetic procedures of the Spa Center
Saki Lake mud therapy