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Deep Purification of the Body

Prof. Levin’s Detox, Rehab and Rejuvenate Program 

How often do you spring-clean your house?
How does it make you feel when things around you are fresh, clean and bright?
Being in clean surrounding, have you ever wondered if everything is in order inside of you?

Water makes up to 70 per cent of an adult’s body. The constantly circulating water nourishes cells and provides excretion.
In case of contamination of the body tissues this natural flow of water can not cope with the timely excretion of wastes and toxins. The worst situation is when these foreign substances are chemical poisons and heavy metals as it is with frequent road-drivers. Toxins and wastes are accumulated with those residing in adverse environmental conditions, exposed to stress and suffer from bad habits. This will inevitably bring on chronic diseases, chronic fatigue, obesity, high blood pressure, etc.

We guarantee the perfect results of the deep purification of your body with Prof. Levin’s Detox, Rehab and Rejuvenate Program.

The Detox, Rehab and Rejuvenate Program is a system of interconnected consequent procedures that accelerate the motion of fluids washing the cells and stimulate lymphatic drainage. This helps cleanse the pericellular spaces, resulting in excretion from the body of the accumulated toxins through the lymphatic system.
The Detox, Rehab and Rejuvenate Program technique can be compared to raining. With a sprinkle of rain the water lays the street dust, while a heavy shower flushes away the dirt into a sewage system, appearing as a makeover to streets and town. Likewise, the strong flow of water in the depths of the body rinses and cleanses the body’s cells.

Indications to the Detox, Rehab and Rejuvenate Program include a range of common conditions: pneumonia, bronchitis, tonsillitis, gastritis, rheumatism, intestinal diseases, neuropsychiatric disorders, diseases of the genitourinary system (prostatitis, urethritis, adnexitis, and cystitis), lifestyle diseases (stress, physical and emotional exhaustion, premature aging, overweight, chronic fatigue, and fertility problems), and many other diseases.
The Program is also indicated and recommended to:
- Men who overwork themselves
- Overworking women, including those planning a healthy pregnancy
- Healthy people wishing to extend their active life expectancy
- School-agers

The Detox, Rehab and Rejuvenate Program is individualized to specific requirements of each patient, and includes:

- A series of body purification procedures featuring medicinal herbal teas, intestinal adsorbents, liver and gallbladder cleansing, controlled cleansing of bowels, infrared sauna, vitamin and mineral complexes, preparations for resetting the beneficial gut flora, manual lymphatic drainage, Spa-capsule, mud therapy, physiotherapy, and lymphotropic therapy;
- A series of wellness and rejuvenation treatments featuring hydrotherapy (bath, aqua-jet douche, hydromassage, etc.), acupuncture, salt room, fitness center, swimming pool, Turkish bath, massages, peelings, cosmetic and Spa procedures.

Benefits of the Program:

- Restored operation of the internals
- Rejuvenated and cleansed body at the cellular level
- Improved skin quality, removed wrinkles, circles and bags, reduced cellulite
- Significantly reduced overweight
- Boosted vitality, ability to handle pressures, physical and mental efficiency, sexual activity, and improved sleep quality

It is strongly recommended to consult you specialist for contraindications that might apply to you.

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The ERT Program New Patient Instructions

On Arrival: please ensure to present the following documents:

Health Resort Voucher (booking confirmation)
Passport or other identification documents
Health Resort Referral Card that can be obtained from your GP or other healthcare professional
Diagnostic testing results: abdominal/renal ultrasound, complete blood count, general urinalysis, fluorography, medical certificate from an obstetrician or gynecologist, and from a proctologist

- Make sure you bring:
- Toiletries
- Indoor shoes
- Sportsuit
- Sport shoes
- Swimsuit