Darsonvalization and ultratonotherapy

Darsonvalization and ultratonotherapy
Darsonval-therapy is one of the oldest methods of physiotherapy. It is named after the French physiologist J.A. Darsonvala

 Darsonval is a method of physiotherapy based on the use of pulsed current of high frequency, high voltage and low strength.
 With local darsonvalization, the current from the device to the patient is led through glass condenser vacuum electrodes.
 The therapeutic effect of local darsonvalization is impulsive high-frequency current passing through the entire body of the patient, and an electrical discharge that occurs between the human skin and the vacuum electrode. Under the influence of local darsonvalization, blood circulation, tissue trophism improves, the tone of tissues, vessels and skin normalizes. 
Local darsonvalization is indicated for diseases:

  • peripheral nerves, vessels and muscles with painful phenomena;
  • for trophic tissue disorders;
  • Diseases of the skin and hair with a violation of their nutrition;
  • chronic inflammation of the accessory nasal cavity.

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