EHF-therapy - is the impact on the body of electromagnetic waves millimeter range of extremely high frequency.
 EHF-therapy is used in the treatment of a wide range of diseases caused by a decrease in the protective functions of the body. 
 As a result of EHF-exposure, the immune status of the body is normalized, the blood picture improves, antioxidant status increases, local tissue repair occurs, faster healing of ulcers, erosions, wounds. Relapses of chronic diseases become less frequent and weaker. In addition, the body becomes more resistant to other diseases. 
 EHF-waves are extremely significant, "native" for living organisms. Biological objects are highly sensitive to them due to the fact that living organisms themselves use EHF signals for the purpose of managing vital processes. Cell with a cage "talk" in the language of millimeter waves.
  • any long-term, difficult-to-treat diseases
  • inflammatory processes in organs and tissues, primarily chronic ones
  • functional disorders of organs and systems
  • situations with severe pain syndrome
  • injuries, surgical interventions
  • vascular disorders;
  • reduced immunity and body defenses
  • occurrence of geomagnetic storms
  • sudden weather changes (cyclones, anticyclones)
  • changing the lunar phases (especially the full moon)
  • to improve acclimatization and especially reverse acclimatization
  • atypical weather for a given time of year (for chronic diseases)
  • if the work is connected to a computer and staying in the fields of high and high frequency

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