Demidkovo - Happiness is here!

From generation to generation, the pristine beauty of these places is carefully preserved. The majestic pine forest gives unity with nature. The roaring of age-old pines, intoxicatingly fresh air, the full-flowing Kama is filled with vital energy and gives strength.
 Our century could not cancel the fashion for "trips to the waters", but made its own adjustments: now we have only 2-3 weeks a year to strengthen our health and pamper ourselves. Such a holiday is still considered expensive and prestigious, compared to traditional holidays by the sea, but it is becoming more accessible and diverse.
The main advantage of the present century is the newest spa technologies that allow to conduct a survey and an effective treatment course in a short time, and a lot of wonderful inventions for the pleasure of the body and feelings. In "Demidkovo" excellent conditions for recovery and rest are created.
Wi-Fi throughout the complex free of charge
In 1 and 2 buildings there are elevators
Mini fridge in every room
Provision of a cot-arena
Calling a taxi
24-hour security service
Room Service
Guarded parking for cars
Accommodation conditions
Advance payment (30%) within 5 working days after booking
A reservation is guaranteed, for which a prepayment has been made
All calculations are made in Russian rubles
Entry to the territory of the sanatorium with animals is prohibited
Time of arrivals and departures:

08.00 – 06.00
12.00 – 10.00
17.00 – 15.00
21.00 – 19.00