They searched for oil, and found mineral water
In the distant 1962, on the Kama shore near the village of Polazna, the Chaika dispensary was opened. The prophylactic clinic improved the health of the oil workers of the NGDU "Polaznazneft", and in the summer took changes in the pioneer camp. The sanatorium is due to oil exploration, which found healing mineral waters on this territory. They installed a rocking chair and began raising iodine-benign water from a depth of 1470 meters.
The place for the construction of the sanatorium turned out to be successful in all respects, as if nature itself said: "To be a sanatorium!".

The main medical building, 1967.
Flight of the "Seagull" from the only building to the modern complex.
The very first residential building of the dispensary was a one-story wooden building with 50 seats. Then the treatment base included several procedures using physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, heat treatment. Over time, the "Seagull" grew and expanded: there were more and more recreational procedures and types of recreation. In 1967, a new building was completed for 100 places, and in 1981 a nearby water-and-mud bath was located.

Development of medical base
In the early 1990s, the medical base was significantly strengthened in the dispensary: an ultrasound study and a cosmetology room were equipped, equipment for FGS, ECG, hirudotherapy was purchased, and specialists and techniques appeared that enabled the body to recover without tablets, through exposure to certain points on the human body.
The appearance of the sanatorium "Demidkovo"
In 2004, the Seagull finished its flight with this name. Her new life as a sanatorium "Demidkovo" began with the entry of the health resort into the Perm Financial and Production Group (LLC "PFIG") - one of the largest regional investment holdings. By this time the House of receptions has already been created here - a comfortable place for rest and business negotiations. Many thousands of contracts are signed at the Reception House, meetings and press conferences are held. We supplemented the complex for a luxury holiday with 5 cottages. The construction of a cultural and entertainment center was completed. There were own treatment facilities and new buildings.
Opening of the SPA-center

In 2007, the first SPA-center in Permsky Krai was opened in "Demidkovo". It was a pilot project, a special role in which was assigned to specialists: masseurs, cosmetologists. A team of professionals was formed.

The main condition for working in "Demidkovo-SPA" was a high professionalism combined with personal qualities: attentive attitude and care of customers. So to this day the work of the modern SPA-center "Demidkovo" is under construction, the list of programs and procedures has expanded, new equipment and cosmetic means have appeared.

Park of the Urals legend
The park "Legends of the Urals" was opened in the summer of 2014. Its creators were Permian sculptors: experienced masters and university students. All of them have rich experience and many times took part in Russian and foreign festivals of sculptural mastery. The
& nbsp; Sculptures of the park are created from the Urals limestone. This stone has a heterogeneous porous structure. It is suitable for large sculptures that are formed when processing a multi-ton block by sculpting. In total, 9 unique authorial sculptures based on the tales of Pavel Bazhov were created: the Mistress of the Copper Mountain, Danila the Master, Bogatyrev's Mitten, the Silver Hoof, the Ermakov Swans and others. The
Fairy-tale characters harmoniously blended into the style of the sanatorium "Demidkovo" and as if come to life in real space.
Three Walls Complex
In 2016 the complex "Three Walls" harmoniously blended into the structure of the sanatorium. The ECO-house complex is filled: the Fisherman's House, the Artist's House, the Logger's House and the Hunter's House. Each house is stylized in accordance with the name.
"Demidkovo" today
Every year, the sanatorium "Demidkovo" improves the medical base, introduces new programs for recovery and recreation. Today, "Demidkovo" is one of the best sanatoriums in Perm and the region. We have been together with you for more than 55 years - and the history of this place continues!