Corporate holidays

Day in Demidkovo

Sanatorium "Demidkovo" offers corporate leisure programs together with colleagues "Day in "Demidkovo". The program is exclusively built for each team and takes into account:

  • the purpose of the event;
  • age of employees;
  • the scope of the company;
  • company traditions;
  • Budget

      Corporate Account Managers:

    • Andrei Ivanovich Panteleev - 8 (912) 481-51-78,
    • Igor Gennadievich Zarytovsky - 8 (912) 482-73-82
Corporate leisure options:
  • The rope course is your own Demidkovo program, which includes the execution of team tasks based on the use of ropes and ropes. It is possible to involve professional coaches in teambuilding, organizing photo and video.
  • Quest games - this is a game for team building, conducted according to a certain scenario. It helps to move away from work, to relieve stress, to rally employees. Places sanatorium give space for creativity. And if the quest takes place on the street, then this is another plus to a good mood.
Corporate leisure options:
  • Sports - arrange a sports day or a sports event for employees. For you are available sports grounds of the sanatorium: an open field for mini-football, volleyball, basketball, streetball, a special platform for beach volleyball, a bow-crossbow shooting range, a tennis court. It is possible to organize judging and a festive buffet table after the event. Winners can be awarded certificates for the services of the sanatorium. Additionally, you can order a show program, a presenter, a photo and video.
  • Many other things - creative master classes, culinary fights, corporate film shootings, dance marathons and karaoke tournaments. In addition, you can rent pavilions for a picnic in the fresh air, cook a delicious barbecue, visit the SPA center with a complex of swimming pools and saunas.
  • team building;
  • building team spirit
  • establishing links between company departments
  • Identify leaders and slaves
  • increase motivation to work and achieve common goals   The
      We invite to cooperation training centers for events on the basis of the sanatorium "Demidkovo".

    You can apply on the phone of the sales center - (342) 270-12-72