13.04.2017 / Marina

Good afternoon! In the beginning of the spring I rested and was treated in your sanatorium - it was wonderful. At the reception very nice young ladies work: Svetlana Olegovna and Lyudmila - attentive, sensitive, kind. Swimming pool - a fairy tale. The masseur Anatoly Fedorovich has magic hands. Power: +3 kg, everything is very tasty, you can not refuse. All the staff is very friendly. Picturesque nature: pine, Kama, sunsets, dawns. Now, in a moment of sorrow, I often think: "I want to go to" Demidkovo. "I hope that I will come again.

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03.04.2017 / Lyudmila Pavelskaya

On March 7-8, holidays were celebrated in "Demidkovo", in eco-houses of "Artist" and "Fisherman". It is a paradise! A wonderful view from panoramic windows, a well thought out interior, everything is taken into account, to the smallest detail. You can just take a swimsuit for a spa and nothing to worry about anymore. If you want to cook something delicious for yourself in the house, and dishes and equipment in sufficient quantities. The attitude of the personnel of the company serving the houses is exceptional, benevolent, joyful. The air is fresh, the bed is comfortable, they rest, get enough sleep, swim in the spa, take guests, lots of places. We rest in "Demidkovo" quite often, and now, we are sure, we will come even more often. Thanks to everyone who brings joy! I propose to equip also the "House of the writer". I promise to give my books and replenish them with new ones as they are written. Good luck! Read full review

27.03.2017 / Daria

Good afternoon. I want to thank the management and employees of Demidkovo for a wonderful holiday.) My husband and I are your regular customers. But this time the holiday was special, because I won the ticket in a wonderful poem contest dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the sanatorium. Since we love you very much, the inspiration came by itself-it was only necessary to refresh the memories with viewing photos. To tell the truth, we were pleasantly surprised by the placement (studio) and the buffet-style meals (we chose the custom menu according to the vouchers). The
As always, the attitude of the staff was pleasant and the welcome reception) Separate gratitude to the cooks is all very tasty. There were no queues for dishes. If something ended - the waitress girls immediately reported. I took some notes for a note and try to cook at home.
Visited the spa area, bowling alley, cinema.
In general, everything is always at the highest level. Demidkovo is the best variant of "reset" for city dwellers! With joy we will return again and again)) And we will be happy to participate in your new competitions)) Read full review