The sanatorium card is issued by the therapist or pediatrician at the place of residence. It is necessary to note the infectionist about the absence of infectious diseases. You can apply for a sanatorium card directly at the sanatorium "Demidkovo". The card is valid for 1-2 days, during this period you will be assigned procedures that do not require a card. The cost of registration cards - 1 600 rubles. When buying a voucher, you must present a passport, a birth certificate of the child.

Sanatorium and resort
Sanatorium and resort permits: are realized from 7 days or more. The cost of the tour includes: accommodation, medical services (according to the prescription of the doctor, in accordance with the spa card), 3 meals a day on the system "Custom Menu" or "Buffet" or on the approved diet menu, leisure. Additional medical and SPA procedures can be purchased on site.
ouchers for specialized medical programs
The trips for specialized programs are realized from 10 days and are divided into: "STOP-diabetes", "STOP-psoriasis", "Men's health", "Movement without pain" and "Healthy child." From the classical sanatorium-resort treatment, that medicamentous therapy is provided in them.
Detox programs
Arrivals for detox programs are possible from 7 days. For each client an individual program is drawn up based on contraindications and chronic diseases. A dietitian doctor develops an individual diet program. Lead detox programs chief doctor of the sanatorium "Demidkovo" - Voronova Elena.
Holiday package "Rest"
The "Rest" package includes: consultation with a doctor, daily swimming pool and Finnish sauna (by appointment), 3 meals a day on the "Swedish table" system, daily animation program. The main difference of this tour is the absence of a sanatorium-resort card! Medical and SPA procedures can be purchased on site.
Catering - a day stay package, the cost of which includes medical services (a sanatorium card with an infectious disease sign on the absence of infectious diseases is mandatory), meals according to the "Custom Menu" system (at the request of the client). Healing days: Monday - Saturday from 8:00 to 18:00.