Eco-houses - this is the place of strength in the sanatorium "Demidkovo". They have a special energy, which allows you to reorganize and feel on yourself how people live with a different occupation. Rest in Perm has never been so comfortably embedded in nature.

Than life in an eco-house is different from living in a hotel room?

Every eco-house "Demidkovo" has its own style, interior, design features. Here they draw strength for new city exploits. In the house of the artist come for inspiration, the hunter - for strength and confidence. In addition, each house has panoramic windows, a view of the forest and the river - they all stand on the first line.

Eco-houses - a full-fledged spacious accommodation for 4 people with a living room, bedroom, bathroom, dressing room and kitchen, not to mention dishes and other small things.

Hunter's House
The hunter's house will gladly accept you, help you gain strength for new feats. The energy of this place is amazingly alive. It tunes to win and the maximum result in any business! Everyone who dreams of romance of travel and adventure from here will like it. Here the living water originates, wake up from the times of the fairy tale about the heroes and epics about the good fellows. Discover the instinct of a hunter!
Fisherman's house
The hearth of this house is cozy and easy. You will be enveloped in the charm of life alone with nature. Here there is harmony and strength of tradition. Where a man is an earner and a protector, a woman is the keeper of the family, and children are her adornment and future support. Having visited this house once, you will want to return again and again, having escaped from city vanity. And you will always be a welcome guest here!

Timber house
Listen to yourself. Do you want a return to the origins? To inhale the fresh smell of pine needles and woody juice, feel the rough bark near the hand, count the annual rings of green giants, wake up at dawn with birds singing, feel the cool dew on bare feet? The doors of the logger's house are open to you. And let the temptations of the big city and its affairs wait!

House of the artist
In the House of the artist you will be able to draw your dream and you will be satisfied with the palette of bright, fresh, pure impressions! Inspiration and filling you with strength and harmony will be nature, comfort and peace. Open your creative potential, feel yourself born again!

Samurai House
Find time to drop the armor of a warrior, forget about matters and problems - and be reborn like a cherry blossom! Relax from the bustle of the surrounding world. Be alone with yourself or take time with your close people. The Samurai house will give you the opportunity to strengthen your faith in yourself and your strength of spirit.
Now, to continue your journey, you no longer need samurai swords. The power is inside! The world will submit to you!