Rope park

In the forest park area, near the river Kama, there is a rope park. It is designed by professional climbers and is a route with obstacles at a height of two to five meters. What awaits; guests rope park? The bridge of the equilibrist, hanging steps, bird's crossbeams and tarzanka. Trails are for children and adults and differ in complexity!

Conquer your peak!

Swimming pool and sauna
The length of the pool is 20 meters. It always maintains a comfortable temperature. Swimming in the pool will give you a wellness, tempering effect, and contemplation of nature from the panoramic windows of the SPA-center will add positive emotions. Before going to the pool and after swimming, be sure to visit the Finnish sauna. The temperature in it is 110 degrees.
Jacuzzi and hammam
Jacuzzi will give you a good mood and cheerfulness. Hydromassage improves blood circulation and favorably affects the skin, gives a tremendous relaxing effect.
Lovers of the traditional Turkish bath of mercy ask the hammam. Even a single visit to the hamam relieves stress and accumulated stress.
Exercise and fitness room
Having arrived on rest in sanatorium, continue trainings. Our gym is equipped with modern equipment: cardiovascular equipment, treadmill, eleptic and power simulators.
In the fitness hall are training "CrossFit", under the guidance of an experienced instructor.
Admirers of green cloth and cue we are waiting in the billiard room of the sanatorium "Demidkovo". Here you can hone your skills and even take part in a billiards tournament. The situation in the billiard room has a game and friendly communication, for guests working bar.
In this game there are no age restrictions, it is equally loved by adults and children. There are 4 game paths at your disposal. Spend time in movement, take your mind off everyday worries and get healthier. Bowling is rightly considered a useful game. It strengthens muscles and ligaments, improves blood circulation and lifts the mood.
Summer rest
In the summer in "Demidkovo" is popular recreation on the water, sandy beaches equipped with sun loungers. We regularly carry out water and soil analysis. You can be sure of the safety of bathing. There are outdoor tennis courts with artificial surface, playgrounds for volleyball and basketball, rental of sports equipment, bicycles. Daily in "Demidkovo" there are interesting sports and creative events. We have created all conditions for active recreation and excellent mood.
Since August 2017 in the sanatorium "Demidkovo" is working shooting! We invite all fans to shoot from a bow or a pneumatic pistol. What is useful in shooting a dash? Archery positively affects the human psyche. The shooting process requires even breathing and absolute calm. Also, shooting improves eyesight, allows you to develop attention and concentration. Come and test yourself for accuracy! The
• Tire works daily - from 11.00 to 18.00, break - from 13.00 to 13.30
• 10 shots - 150 rubles.
• 20 shots - 250 rubles. The
Questions can be asked by phone: 8 (902) 805-89-19
A pleasant ending to the evening will be a visit to the cinema of the sanatorium. There are concerts, creative evenings, screenings of films. Cozy room, nice atmosphere. Only good impressions and emotions.