Improvement of employees

Who can we call an effective employee?

This is a specialist, competent in his field, sharing the company's goals, responsible and, of course, healthy. If a person is healthy, feels good, stress-resistant, then his work capacity reaches 100%. The

The employee is influenced by various production factors. Specialists of "Demidkovo" analyzed them together with employees of the health center of the sanatorium and representatives of enterprises. The result of this work was the creation of an environmental rehabilitation program, which includes a whole range of various health measures. After its passage, your employees will be less likely to take sick leave sheets. In addition, the guests of the sanatorium who have undergone "ecological rehabilitation" if they are ill, then recover after the disease much faster.

What is the environmental rehabilitation program? How effective is it?
The program assumes an individual approach. Specialists of the sanatorium "Demidkovo" leave for production, investigate the working conditions of employees and offer the best option for recovery.
Annually under the program of ecological rehabilitation more than 1000 employees of various Perm and Russian companies are cured. Such employees are less likely to get sick and perceive rest in "Demidkovo" as encouragement and incentive to work even more effectively. HR departments use corporate health programs as a way to retain or attract staff.
Who is particularly encouraged to go through a rehabilitation program?
According to Rospotrebnadzor, men at risk for the development of occupational pathologies are 55-64 years old men with work experience of 25 years and women aged 45-54 years with work experience of 20 years.
Corporate treatment and prevention of diseases in "Demidkovo" are aimed at improving the work of the gastrointestinal tract, circulatory and respiratory organs, the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system.

To participate in our program, we invite employees of all ages and fields of activity. Only in the Perm region medical examinations at enterprises revealed more than 20 thousand people who are shown sanatorium treatment.

Office workers are not engaged in harmful industries, but are prone to "diseases of civilization" - stress, physical and emotional exhaustion, chronic fatigue, burnout. For them, we developed sparing, non-medicinal methods of recovery, including with the use of therapeutic mud and iodide-bromine water of high mineralization.

We will be happy to organize an excursion for the heads of enterprises, we will show the level and possibilities of the "Demidkovo" sanatorium.

The consultants of the program:

  • the head doctor of the sanatorium "Demidkovo" -
    Elena Alekseevna Voronova, v. 8 (951) 941-45-77
  • Leading Sales Specialist -
    Kristina Vladimirovna Safronova, v. 7 (342) 20-66-382.   The

      A healthy employee is an effective employee!