Rest in Demidkovo - a lot of suggestions for everyone

In recent years, along with such common types of recreation, as beach and tourist, the rest in a sanatorium became widely in demand. And this is easy to explain, since numerous myths and stereotypes from the Soviet times related to sanatorium rest are debunked, and people have evaluated a wide range of merits.

A person who annually spends time on himself and health-improving rest in a sanatorium looks younger, less sick and feels better. It is not necessary to associate a stay in the health resort with injections, pills and daily examinations of specialists. The guest of the sanatorium enjoys relaxation, adheres to its daily routine and attends pleasant healing procedures: massage, relaxing baths, wraps, cleansing masks, aromatherapy and so on.

"Demidkovo" is an excellent sanatorium for rest with children. We are always open to guests, regardless of the time of the year. Everyone will find something to their liking. Fans of outdoor activities will be able to visit the rope park, gym, tennis courts. Anyone who prefers a quiet rest, can enjoy a quiet and cozy atmosphere and fresh air. We have many proposals. You can order a program that includes a full range of medical and spa treatments. Rest in a sanatorium is inexpensive - a program without treatment, with a balanced diet, with a visit to the pool, sauna and so on.

Choosing a holiday in the sanatorium of the Urals, you can admire the beautiful Kama, the majestic pines, you will see funny squirrels and even hares. To services of visitors - the SPA-center which offers programs for a relaxation, full of a relaxation, improvement of a figure and a skin condition. Children will have a great time at the Animashki club. Rest in a sanatorium with a swimming pool is a great opportunity to relax. Before going to the pool and after swimming, you can visit the Finnish sauna.

Do not know where to relax in the Perm region? You can come to "Demidkovo" on vacation or on weekends, with family or in the company of friends. We offer a variety of leisure activities: sports, creative, entertaining and cognitive for children and adults, as well as delicious and balanced food. If there is an opportunity to wrest from the bustle of the city, go on vacation to a sanatorium in the Perm region! You will spend time with interest and good health.