Программа экологической реабилитации для работников предприятий

Программа экологической реабилитации для работников предприятий

  Program Goal: improve employees and help your company optimize social spending.

  Tasks of the program:

1. Improvement of employees, increase of their motivation to work;
2. Reduction of staff departures to sickness in 1,8-2,5 times,
3. Reducing the risks of disability acquisition employees in 2-6 times.
We guarantee an individual approach to your employees in the process of rehabilitation, a variety of curative and leisure activities, the opportunity to relax and regain strength in amazingly beautiful place on the shore of the Kamsky Sea.
Cooperation with Demidkovo was already appreciated by our regular corporate clients - more than 70 enterprises and trade union organizations (NPK Uralvagonzavod, URALKALIY Group, EVRAZ Nizhnetagilsky Metallurgical Combine and many others).

Programs of corporate environmental rehabilitation of employees are divided into the following types:
"Easy breathing", "Movement without pain", "Healthy heart", "Cleansing and healing with gastrointestinal diseases."
The result of the program: normalization of the work of all internal organs, a burst of vital energy, relief from fatigue, increased efficiency and rejuvenation of the body.

Health - the main assistant in achieving professional and personal goals!

  Program consultants:
leading specialist of the sales department - Kristina Vladimirovna Safronova, v. 7 (342) 20-66-382
    • Corporate environmental rehabilitation programs for employees are divided into several types:

 1) The Easy Breath program
 2)The Movement Without Pain
 3) Healthy Heart Program
 4) The program "Cleansing and healing with diseases GIT"

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