Electrosleep and transcranial stimulation

Electrosleep and transcranial stimulation
Hormones of happiness and dances of currents in the dark.

Visitors visiting our sanatorium can relieve tension after heavy working days in a dream with the help of useful currents. The procedure is absolutely safe - the strength of electrical pulses is adjusted depending on the individual sensitivity. 
 Electrosonotherapy is a modern method of treating vegetovascular dystonia, neurosis, sleep disorders, bronchial asthma, arterial hypertension, peptic ulcer, pain syndromes. Effective in the preparation for labor, surgical interventions, as a method of psychological relief. During the procedure, weak impulses act on the brain, which have a calming effect on the work of the central nervous system. In this case, the processes of recovery of the body are started, the metabolism is improved.
 According to its characteristics, electrosleep has nothing to do with drug sleep. That is, as close as possible to a natural sleep, does not cause addiction, does not poison the body, like many expensive drugs. The procedure is carried out in a quiet darkened room, and at the request of the guest it is possible to use melodies for relaxation.

 "We recommend the electrosleep both as a general improvement and in the treatment of specific diseases: psychosomatic disorders and erectile dysfunction of the body, insomnia, chronic stress and recovery after emotional overload. In addition, electro-therapy is used for neuropsychic disorders in children, stammering and even to alleviate symptoms of toxicosis of the first half of pregnancy, "says the head doctor of the sanatorium" Demidkovo "Elena Voronova. 
 Already after the first procedure the electrosleep improves working capacity, the mood improves.

  Turn on the hormones of joy and happiness

 This summer, "Demidkovo" began to saturate its guests with the "hormones of joy" - endorphins. This became possible after the introduction of a new scientific medical technique - transcranial electrostimulation. When exposed to the body with safe impulse currents, the level of endorphins rises. 
 To date, transcranial electrostimulation is one of the few scientifically proven, proven ways to increase the level of "hormones of joy" in the body. Its effect contributes to the normalization of the vegetative and hormonal systems, improves blood pressure, accelerates the healing of tissues, stimulates immunity, reduces dependence on bad habits. For example, the passage of the course of electrical stimulation will facilitate and speed up the process of quitting smoking. And most importantly - it is an indispensable means of treating pain. The procedure perfectly removes the pain syndrome.

 "With this procedure, the alpha rhythms of the brain are activated, which affect cheerfulness, calmness, and human attention. In the alpha state, complete self-regulation and self-healing of the nervous system take place, "says Elena Voronova, MD of the Sanatorium" Demidkovo ". In addition, after passing the course of transcranial electrostimulation, serotonin concentrations, also called the" hormone of happiness ", and beta-endorphins, from the concentration of which depends on the person's stress resistance. Also in the body, beta-endorphins perform another important function - they reduce appetite. "

 Today, electrical stimulation of the cerebral cortex is one of the main ways of affecting a whole range of important functions of the human body. Increasing the level of vital hormones, resistance to shock and stress, increasing erectile function and alleviating the difficult conditions of pregnancy can all be achieved by using modern equipment and new techniques that are already available for residents of Perm Krai.

* Contraindications are possible. Before use, consult a specialist.

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