Программа «Детокс»

Программа «Детокс»

The doctor-endoecologist: Voronova EA


  • Overweight
  • chronic fatigue;
  • premature aging.

    The program is aimed at rapid (within three days), cleansing the patient's body. It allows to start mechanisms of self-regulation, to begin the process of weight reduction. Is effective & nbsp; way to "tidy up" your body after emotional overwork at work, to remove the negative impact of the environment, improve the condition of the skin of the face and body.

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    The tour includes meals (a comprehensive menu), accommodation and medical procedures:

    Name Number of procedures
    Primary care of the doctor               1
    Repeated reception of the doctor               2
    Cleansing of the intestine (enema)               4
    IOC               1
    Tyubazh               1
    Sorbent intake (enterosgel)               6
    Reception gepatoprotectora (levinasan)               9
    Stimulation of lymphatic drainage (reception of endoecological drugs-katrel)               6
    Phytotea               6
    General massage (60 min.)               3
    Mineral water               3
    Pool               3
    Infrared sauna               1
    Fitness               3
    Reception of probiotics               6
    Wrapping               1
    Auxiliary reproductive technologies               3 
    Cosmetic procedures (facial massage, mask)               1

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